Better Butter Batter?

butterAs part of this holiday cook fest, I made some of my favorite savory shortbread cookies. I made many batches of these last year from a recipe called “Savory Parmesan Shortbread” on But this last batch was just too crumbly, and I can’t think of anything I did differently than last year except—I used super cheap butter. I mean, not even real store brand, but like a level below Wal-Mart store brand. While I’d think butter would be butter, maybe it isn’t?

Since it is our goal not to snarf these down, I’m either going to crush them and use them as part of a crust for an appetizer or to roll a cheese ball in OR I’m going to quickly put them out when we have company and just eat them. But I can tell they are not going to last long, because they are tasty—just crumbly. Maybe I should give them a spin in the food processer right now, as it is likely (though not assured) that we will not sit and eat crumbs with a spoon, but we might very well eat imperfect cookies that are not good enough to save for gifts.

 Boxes of Godiva or Russell Stover’s are looking like the safer gift for us to give everyone, if this cooking is going to fatten us up by eating the spares and the oops.


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