calendarDo you make New Year’s Resolutions? Many people I know are so goals oriented that they have multiple times a year that they evaluate and set new goals. Some friends of mine have an annual theme. They use their theme word or sentence as a rallying cry for the year—to cheer one another on, when making a toast, to celebrate a victory or recover from a setback. We are using a “best year” theme because, it looks like it should be our best year for business in a while, and we are both optimistic about it being a good year health wise, money wise and just life in general.
When asked about resolutions this year, I mentioned our goal setting strategy –we take time to sit down and go over individual and couples goals with each other for short term, mid-term and long term – and ranging from work to home life to recreational goals/wants. We have moved away from resolutions, per se, and toward implementing Continual Improvement Process methods in our lives. If I strive to be better and more aware of things on an ongoing basis, improvement should come.
And let’s face it… I want what most of us want—health, love, security, a certain amount of pleasure and learning of new things. A challenge here and there. The specifics may change over time, but the truth is I want to continue improving, whatever that may mean or however it may be measured, because I believe that people don’t stand still—and if we are not moving forward, in whatever way we can, we are losing ground.


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