Here’s to the Past, the Future and Today

Hand uncorking a wine bottle

Thanks, Younger Grace and Philip!

Last night, we opened a bottle of wine that our younger selves bought and put away for us.  And it was quite a tasty treat!  It was a bottle of 1997 Stag’s Leap, bought when we were much less knowledgeable about wine, but were eager to learn more. In those days–like a lot of people– we had a decent income and comparatively low outgo, so—yay—we could afford good wine to lay up. And it did a very nice job of laying up and was a treat when we opened the bottle. 

But it reminds me that I am “Younger Grace” compared to someday.  So I need to figure out what kinds of good things I can do today to ensure that Someday Grace is happy and grateful for what I did or didn’t do going forward from today!  And while that likely includes buying a bit more wine for the cellar, it can also be saving a few more bucks to do everything from buy food to updating my house or maybe splurge as a space tourist when I’m retired.  And I think I’d love a driverless car. I probably ought to exercise a bit more, so that Someday Grace can get around well enough to do the things she/I’ll want to do .   Someday Grace, I’ll keep you in mind when I decide how to spend our money and our time…. 


Three Women Walking

The link takes you to one of my favorite sculptures, Three Women Walking (Tres Mujeres Caminando) which represents three stages of femininity: the young, the matronly, and the elderly. It shows a woman walking, as a youthful woman is walking in the opposite direction moving away from her and an older woman is walking behind her, seemingly gaining on her.


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