I Need a Snow Day

2011 Holiday Queens Park Table

I need a real, retro snow day.

Once upon a time, if it snowed—really snowed—I ended up with a day off.  If the busses couldn’t run, if the streets were not clearable, once the local weather man declared it a snow day, or I got a call from the office phone tree—I could crawl back into bed and pull the comforter up to my chin until 10!  When I finally got up, I could putter around the house in thick socks, flirt with Philip, drink cocoa by the fireplace, watch daytime tv or old movies or read or putter without guilt, since I had a free day off that was completely unplanned.

Today, if it snows 11 inches and the streets by my house are not cleared until late in the day if at all, schools and businesses and offices in a 60 mile radius are closed and my driveway looks like Siberia on a bad day–I still am able and expected to work.

It is one of the few times when technology turns on me.

When once I would not have been able to get my voice mail, now it is delivered to my email inbox as an attachment, which goes directly to my smartphone.  When once I would not have been able to access work files, the Cloud and our VPN let me work on any file, anywhere, any time. All of the things that make it possible for me to be productive on the road come back to bite me when the weather is awful and the fireplace alluring.

I miss the random Tuesday of the homebound luxury of being out of the office with no way to get to work.

Now, to get a snow day, I have to schedule it!


2 thoughts on “I Need a Snow Day”

  1. Ahh, I would love to have a snow day. Those are something we never seem to get in Saskatchewan. We could have 3 feet of snow and still be expected to turn up at work. Schools could be closed, but staff had to be there just in case a parent struggled through and dropped their child off. Now that I am retired I don’t miss that travel through bumper deep snow at all.

    Technology has made it almost impossible to get a snow day in those places that manage to pull one off.

  2. I don’t even remember the last time we got enough snow here that we could consider it close to a snow day. Lol, the local school district always schedules in make-up snow days but every year our kids get those days as extra vacation days.

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