Wedding Bells are Breaking up That Old Gang of Mine!

dreamstimefree_247942Which somehow surprises me.

I guess I wasn’t paying attention. I was less surprised when this happened after college, where everyone moved or married or married and moved and all summer there seemed to be wedding after wedding. But I’ve gone to two going away parties in the last 3 weeks for friends of mine who had been single for years and who are now packing all or part of their stuff and heading off into the sunset with a new mate.

One had been living with her fiancé for a while, and they just finally decided to make the move—so they sold their house and moved to Florida. Another had been thinking about retiring for a while, but just in the last month retired from her job, married a man she had become re-acquainted with over the last year and is keeping her place here but living with her new husband part-time in California. They are all happy and excited and looking forward to the future.

To which I say “YAY!”

I guess retirement is sort of like graduation—people are free from a commitment or constraint and they scatter to the wind, ready to try something and someplace new!

In a way, it is fun because when I’m on the road, I’ll have more people to call to meet for dinner. But it is also a bittersweet end of an era when I saw these women frequently. Once again, technology is our friend in this situation, because the friend who is now in Florida happily gave the comparative weather report today between her balmy beach and my city, snowed in today by Winter Storm Q.

Tomorrow I may send a comparison of python sightings–what do you think?

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