Fork This

We’re getting older. Or at least Philip is. He had a birthday. Which means that for the next 6 months, he’s two years older than me. But, to make up for that, there are certain benefits—gifts, cake, food that will shorten your life—you know, the things that make life worth living.  And, lucky me, I’ve been sharing in the benefits.

First off, there are the free meals—as restaurants try to make you feel better about aging by giving you free comfort food. We are signed up for several restaurant email lists, and get a variety of coupons at through the year, but at birthday time—well, we don’t go hungry. Philip scored 3 meals this year. A big national chain, a smaller national chain and a local chain emailed Philip with free meal deals. So raise a fork to honor the birthday boy!

Over the last 10 days we shared a Balsamic Chicken dish, a really great Stuffed Chicken breast and a seriously yummy, mid-afternoon brunch of Eggs Benedict.  We usually supplement our half meal with a house salad each, and we get plenty to eat, and two side salads usually add up to the cost of a second entrée, so we aren’t really hurting anyone economically.  We don’t split to save money, though we have nothing against saving money, we do it to save calories. Per the restaurant web page, a full order of Eggs Benedict has 591 calories—toss in the sides, and the plate has over 800 calories.

Given that we spend our days as desk jockeys as opposed to digging ditches or tossing hay bales off a truck, we never need an 800 calorie meal! However, even half was so satisfying.  It had been a very long since I had Eggs Benedict, and the first bite was yummy.  We enjoyed Philips “free” birthday meals.

I also get to benefit at what Philip picked as he birthday gift. He is our breakfast cook and what we eat for breakfast is Eggbeaters, usually with some chopped veggies tossed in and either a lite marinara sauce or salsa, with a side of fruit or V-8.  Whole breakfast is usually about 100-150 calories, as opposed to 800.  And Philip is the morning chef.

He has been making more omelets, lately, and while we had a pretty good ceramic nonstick surface pan, it had finally worn out, after once or even twice daily use for quite some time.  The handle was loose, the finish was damaged and thus no longer truly nonstick and it just wasn’t working out.  So when I asked him what he wanted as a gift, he chose—new nonstick skillets. We looked at the ceramic, as we had loved it, but he was wanting something a little heavier, so he picked out a set of anodized aluminum that seem to be great—not that I’ve cooked with them yet.  But, Philip has, and has even been practicing air flipping his omelets.  So, he has fun and I get breakfast. So happy birthday to us!

And raise a fork!

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