Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

snow © Dale Wagler Dreamstime Stock Photos

It was supposed to be 10 below this week, and I can’t tell you if it made it because I was nestled all snug in my bed.  But this week, the schools in the area have been closed 5 days out of 5 because of cold, frozen roads and snow.  I’m not sure of our exact amount, but we had nearly a foot of snow in the driveway.  So, when a couple of teens came buy asking if we wanted it shoveled, the answer was “How much.” (I’m not stupid) and then, when they gave me a reasonable price, the answer was “YES!”    It appeared to be a brother and sister, they did a fine job and I tipped them about 1/3 of what they were asking, just because I didn’t have to do it myself, they weren’t charging that much and did I mention– I didn’t have to do it myself!  If it keeps snowing these big snows every year, I may have to break down and buy a snow blower.  Or just keep paying whatever kids comes by to shovel.

As usual, when it snowed, I worked from home.  This year, Philip was home as well.  He’s missed a couple of snowdays in the last couple of years by being off in some warmer climate while I was snowed in, but this year, he was home. Since we are hooked up to work at home anyway, it is not a hardship to stay home and we didn’t have to play “avoid the maniac” on the roads.

Wherever you are, I hope you are warm and safe and going to have a great weekend.


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