My Funny Valentine

© Neil Mey | Dreamstime Stock Photos
© Neil Mey | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Valentine Evening and I’m at the office.  And so is Philip. And we are fine with that. We were invited to a corporate event last night and the wine flowed, the steaks were large and tender and the dessert was too rich to finish.  We had good conversation with business acquaintances we had met a time or two before, but we didn’t spend the evening talking business.  It was more like a nice, if large, dinner party than a corporate “thing”. So we’ve had our fun evening out for Valentine’s week.  

I am ready for the weekend!  I’d love to say I’d be relaxing or going out all weekend, but I suspect I’ll be working on a few things for that can’t wait at least part of the time. But that is OK. Sometimes when you work with a spouse, you get to mix business with pleasure.

And that is sort of the story of our life, lately… enjoy the treats that come with work (likely a fancier meal out last night than we’d have bought for Valentine’s on our own) and put in the hours when we need to work. Add a day or two at the end of a business trip, if we can, or if we can’t, just plan to return to the sites we don’t manage to see while on a work trip. Either way, this is our life, so we’d better enjoy it or change it so that we do!


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