I Love it When a Plan Comes Together!

ImageFor months, I’ve been working on a large meeting we are coordinating in a different state. I had a committee of volunteers there, who helped with ideas and some of the local coordination.  I traveled to the city myself a couple of times in prep, since a lot of the up front stuff fell to me, because this is my job–and they were volunteers with other jobs. So I wrote and managed the promotional mailings and website, hotel contracts, caterers and coordinated with the locals on the site, managed registrant lists, etc. Since the hosting org is a relatively small company, I was ithe person managing everything from speakers, welcome bags, badges, door prizes, writing and printing agendas… just all the little details. 

And it came together, mostly without a hitch.  Three days of workshops, educational sessions, planning sessions and networking for a little fewer than fifty people. The weather (which we’d used as part of the draw–come to this warm coastal town) was nice for the first day, and cold and wet the rest of the time. In a way, that worked in my favor, as it discouraged attendees from going fishing or golfing in lieu of attending meetings.  The caterers did a great job, the hotel was nice.  People got along well.  I’m going to count it as a success!

Tommorow, I’ll begin writing thank you notes to all the people who helped make it possible, but for now, I’m going to bask in the glow of a small success and put my feet up! 




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