Flight of the Social Butterfly!

I might go for a month and stay home every night, and then, suddenly, I’m out every night.  That is what my last week has been like.  Philip’s cousin called that she was in town for a conference, so 6 of us got together and went to Oklahoma Joe’s for dinner before hitting the Country Club Plaza’s Starbucks for some late night cappuccinos for dessert.  This was before Oklahoma Joe’s was listed as the Number 1 Place for ribs in the USA by The Daily Meal–so it was a good choice to meet out of town guests.  We had a great time, then two days later we were invited to a Christening of a relatives baby girl, followed by brunch.  We went (of course–Brunch!) We visited with an assortment of in-laws and out-laws, drank Mimosas and commented on the general beauty of the baby.

The following Friday was First Fridays– our metro’s monthly art crawl. We usually try to go once or twice a year, but this time, which month to go was decided for us when one of our friends was invited to exhibit! It has been on our calendar for several months.  Then, when we got the invitation to another friend’s annual open house buffet supper that she hosts on the opening night of her neighborhood’s popular art fair– we decided we had to do both!

It was a perfect night for the art crawl–warm spring weather, no rain–just a great night to be outdoors—and the streets and galleries were packed with people. I wished I could stroll to the various galleries and shops, and people watch along the way.  But this time, we went straight to the gallery showing my friend’s work, (The party gods smiled on us and granted us a parking spot very nearby) admired her work, mingled and met up with old friends and acquaintances.  We stayed longer than we normally would at an exhibit, because we knew her and also knew so many of the people coming to the event, it was like a party itself.

We relinquished our fabulous parking spot to some other lucky soul and drove through town to the next party.  Since it is designed for people to stop by after going to the first night of this different art fair, it is an open house type affair.  We saw people we’d met before, made new acquaintances, ate sandwiches some of the best guacamole I’ve ever had and some outstanding chocolate cake. She always has some special treats for those of us who stay late, and this year it was a pomegranate- cranberry juice mix  on ice in large stemmed glasses that we sipped while the pianist and soloist finished the night with a final set filled with requests from the dwindling but appreciative audience.

I don’t often go to 4 separate parties from one Friday to Friday to the next, but it was a fun week!


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