New Rule! New Rule!

I used to have one rule that I’ve shared from time to time. That is, no one should spend more than 5 minutes a day looking into a magnifying mirror. Five minutes a day is enough time to put on your make-up, keep the brows plucked, for a man to shave, whatever. Longer than that and you end up spending your time finding flaws. No one needs to spend too much time looking for tiny flaws using a 10X magnifier. No matter your age, you don’t need to dwell on blemishes or wrinkles for too long. We all have enough reason to be self-conscious without finding things too small to see with the naked eye.

This week, I have another life rule.

No one over 50 should ever look at a life expectancy chart.

I looked at one the other day, originally just to research something– then I checked out my age and how many years the chart said people my age have left, on average.


Not as many as I’d expected or hoped!

I would have been happier not knowing! But, after my initial horror, I got to thinking. First off, I should get my checkups, as that will help prevent my time left from dwindling too fast. Secondly, I need to get on with the things I want to do but have put off. Thirdly, I need to ignore this and assume that since many of my relatives had very long lives, that I will too—so maybe I’ll go longer than “average.”

But, I will stand by my new addition to things never to do.

Don’t spend too much time looking in magnifying mirrors at any age and don’t look at life expectancy charts after 50.

Some things can’t be unseen!

On Your Mark, Get Set, Start Over

This morning, after being away from the office since December 23, I planned to hit the ground running as I started my work year. I got up this morning at 3:30 AM, to make an airport run with Philip, then go in early to work. We were out of the house by 4:15, so we beat rush hour and were happy that the roads were dry and clear.  It was very cold–about 4 degrees F, but the heater kept us toasty, we had coffee in our go cups and we felt like we were starting the new year in a great way.

I dropped Philip off and headed back toward the office.  Still, not a lot of traffic, I am within sight of my office by 6 AM, and Philip calls to let me know he has boarded and his flight should be leaving on time, when i realize I left my laptop at home.

I had put it next to the door to the garage, but knew last night even as I was putting it there I should have put it in the vehicle.  It was just so cold in the garage I didn’t know if it would hurt the computer.

This is what comes of taking so much time off! My habits are off and I’m out of practice at getting out of the house with everything I need.

It isn’t a tragedy–it isn’t as if I was the person boarding the jet–and I was only a little aggravated as I drove home then back to the office. I arrived about  a quarter til 7–after 2.5 hours ion the road. Somehow, it felt like I should have made it further than 15 miles from home after that much driving.

I still got in early enough to get several tasks marked off my list  before people started arriving, so I did get my head start on the new year, just not as much as I’d hoped.

And I have to remind myself — there is a lot more year to come.