The Best Laid Plans…..

I have been in charge of planning an Annual Summit for leaders of an organization for the last couple of years.  For the one in April 2015, I’d spent over 6 months working with committees, coordinating with the venue, planning the meals, entertainment, awards presentations, sending invitations and working on the agenda of what was going to be a great 4 day meeting.

And then I didn’t get to go.

Turns out, I needed some surgery.  My husband thought maybe I should try to talk them into scheduling it after the conference, but I figured that if we are taught not to fight with our hairdressers since they will be cutting our hair, the same rule should go double with our surgeons.

I sent carefully labeled packages, detailed check lists and had a few phone conversations coordinating as much as possible, and the conference went off very well.  I haven’t decided if that is a good thing (Yay, it went well) or a bad thing (Boo, I am expendable). I’m taking it as a good thing.

I’m three almost weeks post surgery. Though I’m recovering well, i would not have had much luck with work, so I am glad I have a few more weeks off.