Oh, and the Waffle Bar. . .

We had our annual brunch on January 1. The day was bright and sunny, and we had a good turnout– about 45 people, open house style, so they could come and go.  This year, they seemed to come early and stay a while which I love, because it makes for a high energy group– lots of mingling, talking and eating.

I generally gave people who are new the quick rundown of what is in which crock pot, where to find the coffee or the decaf or the iced tea, which pitcher has OJ and which has Mimosas, and, nearly every time as an after thought I heard myself saying “Oh, and the Waffle Bar is on the buffet.”

The menu was carb heavy, and other than the waffles, we lean toward savory as opposed to sweet. We did offer ham and shrimp and deviled eggs, and even a fruit tray and a veggie tray. I have eaten more from the left over veggie tray in the last two days than 45 people ate the day of the party. Philip laughs when I get the veggie trays, because he knows people don’t eat veggies at our brunch. Even so, I always have a veggie tray.

A lot of people say “Oh, I never eat waffles except at this party!” as they are adding the whipped cream. But that makes it a treat, and makes one more reason to have one last day of the holiday season where we eat our waffles instead of our vegetables.

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