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Ten Pounds of Stuff in a Five Pound Bag

I’m on the road again and apparently felt I not only needed to take everything I own with me, but that it should all go in my purse.  Sounds good, but unless I buy a little red wagon to drag the purse along in, I’m going to have to lighten the load.  Not only am I carrying pounds and pounds of stuff in my shoulder bag, I’m lugging it though airports…. 3 different ones today. So, when I need something out of it, I have to dig, because inevitably the thing I want has filtered down to the bottom of the main area of the purse.  I have/had a system, but right before this trip, I changed phones, added a small tablet, and my carefully planned purse system is now just a little off. Here is a list of what I currently have in my purse.

First external zipper pocket:

  • Two lipsticks (which I usually forget to apply)
  •  Lip balm
  •  Small mirror, (in case I ever apply the lipstick
  •  Flying earplugs  in a case—since my ears have been bothering me
  • Black earbuds for listening to music
  • Two packets  of wrapped mints from restaurant last night.

Second external zippered pocket:

  • Phone –not too much else can fit, this phone is larger than my last one

Larger external zippered pocket

  • Driving glasses in hard case (So I can see to drive)
  • Sunglasses in hard case (So I can see in the sun)
  • Reading glasses in soft case—these are hardly ever used, but they there if I need them
  • Receipt
  • Paper napkin—from fast food place at an airport
  • Packet of lemon juice from fast food restaurant at airport
  • Pen
  • Two tea bags

Small internal Pocket:

  • Business cards–mine and other people’s
  • Electronic key card
  • 2 packets of Equal

Second small internal pocket

  •  Half roll of Tums  (For my tummy)
  • Package of dental floss
  • Larger internal pocket
  • Two  pens
  •  Small fold over note pad
  •  Two receipts
  • Conference badge on a retractable cord.

 Main Purse area

  • 7 Inch tablet in case (This is new, and I love it for reading my Kindle books—much better than my old phone that I used to use for reading books!)
  • Oversized Billfold.  (Love it, but it is too big and too heavy )
  • Sheet of paper with list on it. (Could likely toss this, since I usually use Evernote)
  • Small hairbrush
  • White earbuds
  • Blue scrunchy
  • Car charger and wall charger and two cords in a case that is too small for all that stuff
  • Checkbook (I write almost no checks, but I seem to always have it with me)
  •  Wendy’s coupons
  • Two emery boards in a plastic cover
  • Empty Ziploc bag
  • Quart Ziploc bag filled with:
  1. Five bottles nail polishes (Glass bottles are heavy—this should be in the suitcase, really)
  2. Allergy meds
  3. Four- 5 Hour Energy drinks (this is 20 full hours of energy, folks)
  4. Hand sanitizer      
  • Package of Southwest peanuts
  • Package of Southwest pretzels
  • Package of Wheat Thins, also from Southwest
  •  Three magazines
  • Rolling Stone (left for me by seat mate—saved for article on musicians favorite songs)
  • Psychology Today (bought at airport newsstand for the article on Reinventing Yourself)
  • Spirit magazine (Southwest free magazine kept for Sudoku puzzles)

So, yes, some of this is clearly temporary and travel related, but—I am going to find a tote or specific travel purse to deal with this, because a lot of this is now standard for any future trips.

And I’m not  even going to discuss what is in my briefcase— but it at least has wheels!


To Sleep, Perhaps to Dream!

I got 3 hours of sleep Sunday night.

It is my own fault, We had a 6 AM flight, so I was up at 3 AM to shower, dress, prep the house, zip up the suitcases and drive to the airport. So… any logical person would have gone to bed sometime before midnight, but somehow Sunday got away from me. I worked on a project that a teaming partner decided to kill and I ended up spending about 2 extra hours with a service provider getting some things taken care of before I left town– so I ended up packing much later than i’d planned.

Then i was surprised when i dropped the car off at the parking lot.  The line for the shuttle bus was very long– 2 were filled before I could board mine.  Monday is “off to the races day” for road warriors, so I’m used to busy Monday’s at the airport, but it had been a cheaper flight — which usually means a less popular flight.  Instead, the flight was full and possibly overbooked. They announced they were potentially offering vouchers for anyone who would take a later flight.  Philip and I volunteered, because this is one of the very rare days where we could adjust our schedule, but they didn’t want 2, and apparently someone missed the flight, because as far as I know, no one got a voucher.

I did, however, get a middle seat on both legs of my flight, which makes it harder to sleep. Philip had the aisle,   The man who got “my” window seat on the first flight was looking at pictures of birds– no captions or stories, just pictures of birds–on his i-Pad, then slept a bit.  The guy on the second flight slept the whole time.  I slept off and on during both flights, but I find it hard to sleep in the center seat, since I’m busy trying not to touch the stranger next too me.

One thing that made me laugh this morning was when Southwest announced , as they always do, after about the first 60 ticket holders board the plane  “If you are travelling with small children you may board now.” I couldn’t help but edit the sentence to “If you are travelling with small children on this flight, you either are suffering through an out of town  emergency or you have incredibly bad planning”.  It was no surprise there were no kids on this particular flight.

Fortunately for me, we got our rental car, drove 2 hours to our hotel and checked in. Time from out my house door to in the hotel door was just over 8 hours. Clients tomorrow, but a nap today!

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together!

ImageFor months, I’ve been working on a large meeting we are coordinating in a different state. I had a committee of volunteers there, who helped with ideas and some of the local coordination.  I traveled to the city myself a couple of times in prep, since a lot of the up front stuff fell to me, because this is my job–and they were volunteers with other jobs. So I wrote and managed the promotional mailings and website, hotel contracts, caterers and coordinated with the locals on the site, managed registrant lists, etc. Since the hosting org is a relatively small company, I was ithe person managing everything from speakers, welcome bags, badges, door prizes, writing and printing agendas… just all the little details. 

And it came together, mostly without a hitch.  Three days of workshops, educational sessions, planning sessions and networking for a little fewer than fifty people. The weather (which we’d used as part of the draw–come to this warm coastal town) was nice for the first day, and cold and wet the rest of the time. In a way, that worked in my favor, as it discouraged attendees from going fishing or golfing in lieu of attending meetings.  The caterers did a great job, the hotel was nice.  People got along well.  I’m going to count it as a success!

Tommorow, I’ll begin writing thank you notes to all the people who helped make it possible, but for now, I’m going to bask in the glow of a small success and put my feet up!